Whether you are traveling on business, taking a vacation, or simply escaping for a long weekend, consider Home PAW Advantage, deluxe overnight care for your pet, in the comfort of your home. As a pet owner you deserve to be unleashed from your pet responsibilities. Home PAW Advantage provides you with peace of mind.   Our priority is giving your pet(s) the best care possible in your home while you're away through our insured and bonded company.

Overnight Deluxe Care includes the following:
•    Feeding and providing fresh water for your pet(s)
•    Administration of medication
•    Walk or potty break and TLC
•    Pooper scooping and litter box maintenance
•    Daily Detailed Journal
•    Retrieval of mail and newspapers
•    Alternating lights and drapes

Pets, like people, are more comfortable in their own surroundings, where they have a daily routine. This type of service is extremely helpful for older pets, those with special needs or that experience separation anxiety. 

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